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The East Asia Symposium on Business Restructuring and Insolvency Law and Practice has been held annually since 2009, sequentially in Korea, China and Japan, and this year marks the end of the third cycle with the 9th Symposium being held in Tokyo, Japan, for two days on November 25 and 26, 2017.

The purpose of these Symposiums is to bring together scholars, practitioners, and all the other people who are active on the front lines of insolvency and restructuring practice, and through their networking and exchanges of experience and opinion give each of them new knowledge to take back to improve the legal structure of insolvency and restructuring in their respective countries and their own practices, to enhance the economy of each country and support from behind its systems, and at the same time, to build up a network of insolvency and restructuring experts in the East Asian economic zone.

And this purpose is actually being realized in each of Korea, China and Japan, as the exchanges of opinion and information at the Symposiums stimulate each of our countries. Recently we strongly feel the influence of these Symposiums in actual practice and discussion in each country, and as we listen to the discourses of each country each year at the Symposium this feeling is always confirmed.

In this year’s Symposium we plan to have reports regarding the three common themes for all three countries of “Introduction of Actual Cases”, “The Creditors Committee”, and “Restructuring Procedures for the Shipping Industry (including cross-border insolvency)”, and in regard to the separate themes of each country of “Zombi Entities” from China, “Pre-package Insolvency and Restructuring Procedures” from Korea, and “The Present State and Future Prospects of the Business Restructuring System” from Japan, and will exchange opinions among panelists from each country in regard to these topics.

We sincerely pray that the positive interaction and exchanges of opinion among the leaders in insolvency and restructuring of each country will contribute to fair practices in the insolvency and restructuring legal systems of each country now and in the future.

We express our appreciation to all the banks, securities companies, law firms, audit companies and other advisory and consulting companies that endorse the purpose of this Symposium and have provided financial assistance, and our many other supporters.

We are looking forward to meeting everyone at the Symposium on November 25 and 26, 2017, against a backdrop of the beautiful Fall colors of Japan.

Hideyuki Sakai

Chairperson of Japan Chapter

The East Asian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring